Fun activities to do with your child to help them grow and learn

Do you have a toddler in your house? Then this is the blog for you! Raising a child all by yourself at home can be tedious, but wait you can make it fun too by engaging your child in some fun activities that they will surely enjoy. 
Ensure that you make all the activities fun so that they may learn, grow, and enjoy at the same time. It supports formal education later in childhood but also helps each child grow in terms of self-worth. It also supports everything from learning social relations and norms to the start of scientific thinking by enhancing attention skills, which are necessary for success later in life.  
Having some playtime with your children is also necessary in these times when everything has become so robotic and monotonous. It becomes necessary that you spend time with the toddlers that will help to further nourish and inculcate some great habits in them. 

Top 5 fun activities you should try with your child 

Here’s a list of all 5 engaging and fun activities that you can try with your child-

  • Read stories to them – Reading can be a great habit that can mold the mind of your child. Make it more fun by reading their favorite bedtime stories or something they can relate to and enjoy simultaneously. There are also many poems available for children of all ages, choose the best among them and read these aloud.
  • Board games – Board games are a traditional method that will keep your child engaged. You can choose to opt for evergreen board games such as ludo, chess, monopoly, UNO, and much more. Children will love to play these games and it will make the parent-child bond much stronger.
  • Water activities – Children love to play with water and parents must consider fun activities that include water as it proves to be an excellent way to teach them physical strength and who knows they might become experts in swimming. Bring them balls, tubes and stuff like these which can be used when they are playing in the water. It will help them to learn how quickly they can respond to things eventually.
  • Painting & drawing – Let your child’s imagination do wonders, with activities such as drawing and painting they get the chance to express themselves and explore more about the world. Inspire them to draw, sketch, and paint with complete freedom. Buy them some cool colors, crayons, watercolors, etc, products like these will make them indulge more in indoor activities while also learning new things every day.
  • Puzzles – Puzzles and jig saws can be game-changer for your child. When you engage your child in solving puzzles or maybe block games you boost their spatial thinking, along with logical reasoning.
  • Clay pot – Clay pots and play dough can also prove to be interesting activities for children. They love to have fun with clay, and craft their imaginations by using it. You can also encourage them to make numerous shapes of their choice.
  • Develop food habits – Parents can also develop food habits in their children such as teaching them to wash their hands every day before & after eating, choosing healthy options, and staying away from chocolates, candies, along with everything that has bad fat.
  • Sharing is caring – Motivate them to inculcate the habit of sharing with their siblings, friends, or anyone who is around while they are engaged in any activity that has the possibility of sharing. It helps the children to learn empathy towards others and eliminate being selfish.

Bottom Line 

Ultimately, with these fun activities, we want you to have the best bond with your child. These easy activities are not only a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship with your child, but they are also efficient ways to support their overall development. Therefore, don’t be scared to use your imagination and have fun with your child!

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