About Us

Welcome to Rinko Medicos

Since the inception of Ryesino Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. in the early ’70s, it has only been fixated on its adamant mission to serve the commonalities with compassion and quality. Mr. Jaidesh Pal Wason began his venture with his business partner Mr. Jasbir Singh Manku on 13th October 1971, giving it the brand name RINKO. Though the business partners had no idea of the reference from where RINKO popped up to their minds, today it has become a reliable pharmaceuticals brand to be reckoned with across the city of Dehradun. Primarily, the business was focused on manufacturing as well as retailing medicines as a small colony shop only.

In the year 1991, due to some unfavourable circumstances, Mr. Jaidesh Wason had to transform his manufacturing and selling into retail business. For RINKO Medicos, this partnership was a breakthrough that boosted its market value across the targeted audience. And gradually, they climbed the heights of resounding success. Then, to take the founder’s legacy ahead, his son— Mr. Sachin Wason — entered the family business in 1995, after completing his senior secondary education. Here, he served the pharmacy with his heart and soul by working 14 hours a day in the workplace. During the nascent stage of Mr. Sachin’s career, he served his father’s venture for 5-6 years where his hard work and dedication resulted in the stupendous business expansion. It allowed them to own their present locality comprising 4 adjacent shops in Race Course, along with one shop nearby Chakrata road.

Who We Are

Today, the Rinko Medicos is a credible dealer as well as a distributor for prominent medicine manufacturing brands. It is an authentic brand with more than 5 decades of experience in the Pharma space and today, its reputation has reached every nook and corner of Dehradun. Their prowess in the space and firm adherence to rigid regulatory compliance have made them one of the market leaders in the present scenario. As per the ‘founding father’, team members’ fervour and passion have been heavy contributors to Rinko’s success. And the core of their culture is dedicated to resonating with the world-class standards in the industry.

Why Choose Us?

Trust, transparency, quality, and community welfare has been our brand’s primary focus in its overall operations. We always prioritize quality over profitability and under no circumstances, we ever intend to compromise with our core values. This is what speaks volumes in favour of our brand value and we take immense pride to convey it.

  • Transparency

    We are committed to offering transparency in our services by providing every minute detail about our products and services.

  • Trust

    Our products and services always strive to maintain customer’s trust in our decades-old brand. It has been the motive force behind our success.

  • Quality

    To ensure our customers with best-in-class quality pharmaceutical services, we only partner with reliable manufacturers and dealers.

  • Community Welfare

    Our vision has always been aligned with community welfare, where every section of the society shall have easy access to high-quality and affordable medicinal care.

  • Teamwork

    Our teamwork is what allows us to stay ahead of the game. Each team member believes in our brand’s vision and puts every ounce of effort to do justice to it.

  • Respect

    We respect our customers as well as our partners who are the backbone of our business and strain every nerve to perform better than their expectations.

Our Brand Partners

Meet the Leading Figures

Jaidesh Pal Wason

Mr. Jaidesh Pal Wason

Mr. Jaidesh Pal Wason is the Founding Head of RINKO who established this venture with an intent to serve the community with excellence. His industry acuity and devotion to making a difference with service quality have been the core of the thumping success of his brainchild.

Mr. Sachin Wason

Mr. Sachin Wason carried forward the legacy of his father to be substantial to the pharma space with matchless products and service standards. He has played a prominent role in repositioning the company so far. For the future, he is gearing up his workforce to more revamping changes by ensuring ‘tech-inclusive’ implementations across the workflow.